North Florida Landscape works on landscape designs for clients throughout the Saint Augustine, Florida, area. We have the experience and capability to work on both commercial and residential properties. Working with general contractors, architects, or with our own on-staff landscape architects and horticulturists, we can make your property reach your vision. Tackling code requirements, drainage issues, and parking lot design and flow issues, we create curbside appeal that goes above and beyond your expectations.

A great way to make your home or business look more unique and one of a kind is with a specialty garden. Specialty gardens offer people a way to let their imaginations run wild, from installing a koi pond where koi can swim all day to building a trellis for climbing flowers to grow and bloom. North Florida Landscape has had the privilege to create many of these wonderful backyard getaways for homes throughout the Saint Augustine, Florida, area. We welcome the opportunity to design and plant one for you.

When a patio or driveway is designed correctly, it can be both functional and beautiful. However, if you have a patio that gets too much sun and not enough shade or a driveway that is difficult to back out of, it may be time to consider rebuilding it. North Florida Landscape can redesign a new patio or driveway for your home, making it more conducive to your specific area. We have years of experience designing and building patios and driveways for clients in the Saint Augustine, Florida, area, so contact us today to request our help with your project.

North Florida Landscape offers a variety of drainage solutions for homes and businesses experiencing issues with water runoff. If minor erosion or water is a problem for you, we can apply one of many erosion control systems to help limit the amount of water entering your property. We are one of the best in Bobcat™ work/finish grading and will prevent any water from entering unwanted areas. If you live in the Saint Augustine, Florida, area, contact us to request help with your water issues. We can also help with the construction of retaining walls, regardless of how large or small, to further prevent water from damaging your landscape.

Landscape lighting makes the best use of your outdoor area by highlighting your home's architectural features and drawing attention to prized plants and trees. Uplights on trees and accent lights aimed at certain features create an inviting, post-sunset atmosphere around your home or office. Wall washes and path lights can guide visitors at night to entries or direct the eye to different areas. North Florida Landscape designs and installs lighting for landscapes throughout Saint Augustine, Florida, to enhance homes and make them come alive at night. If you're interested in making your property really pop, consider installing lighting around your home's flowers, shrubs, and trees.

The backyard has become an extension of the indoor living space and North Florida Landscape has been at the forefront of helping clients create beautiful outdoor living spaces. We help make your backyard more suitable for entertaining, such as designing and installing an outdoor kitchen, complete with a fire pit and grill.

Your home is an investment, as well as a haven to relax and just be yourself. Vacationing at home, instead of staying at a resort or going on a cruise, has become increasingly popular in the last few years, therefore making the look and feel of your home's landscape a top priority. We can help enhance the outdoor areas around your home to make them more vacation friendly by planting a lush garden, installing a full-service kitchen, or adding a koi pond. The following are a few examples of what North Florida Landscape has accomplished for clients in the Saint Augustine, Florida, area, who have transformed their outdoor areas into beautiful escapes: