Rebuilding Your Patio or Driveway

When a patio or driveway is designed correctly, it can be both functional and beautiful. However, if you have a patio that gets too much sun and not enough shade or a driveway that is difficult to back out of, it may be time to consider rebuilding it. North Florida Landscape can redesign a new patio or driveway for your home, making it more conducive to your specific area. We have years of experience designing and building patios and driveways for clients in the Saint Augustine, Florida, area, so contact us today to request our help with your project.



We add lots of seating, with benches, rocking chairs, patio sets, and loungers. We build the patio in the shade to prevent excessive exposure to the sun, and we construct a fountain, bed of flowers, or a sculpture to complement it. In addition, we can build an outdoor kitchen or other type of eating area; plant trees for shade, color, scent, and screening; and add decorative containers, filled with annuals and herbs.

We design the patio to ensure excellent traffic flow from one area to another and connect it to a walkway, pool area, or back door. Patios can be built with your choice of bricks, pavers, concrete, or tile. We can even build a wood deck upon request.


Your new driveway is designed and installed with multiple cars in mind to prevent blocking. We build it to ensure an easy flow, as well as to prevent any drainage issues due to standing water or erosion. Boats, RVs, big trucks, and trailers are incorporated to make it easier to pull in and out.