Beautiful Specialty Gardens

A great way to make your home or business look more unique and one of a kind is with a specialty garden. Specialty gardens offer people a way to let their imaginations run wild, from installing a koi pond where koi can swim all day to building a trellis for climbing flowers to grow and bloom. North Florida Landscape has had the privilege to create many of these wonderful backyard getaways for homes throughout the Saint Augustine, Florida, area. We welcome the opportunity to design and plant one for you.

Gardens to Beautify Your Space

Secret Gardens  Hidden hedges, mazes, blooming flowers, and paths are all yearning to be explored and incorporated in your garden design.

Koi Ponds — Southern Living has featured several of our koi ponds in their magazine. They were showcased for their exceptional designs and builds.

Rose Gardens — Roses of every color, size, and scent are available to help you create the perfect rose garden.

Camellia & Gardenia Gardens — Florida offers such a wonderful bounty of camellias and gardenias to choose from to make your specialty garden look beautiful.

Additional Options — Rock, butterfly, herb, and serenity gardens also make perfect oases for homes.