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We are one of the best in bobcat work/finish grading, drainage, erosion solutions.
Any retaining walls can also be completed, regardless of how large or small the project.

If minor erosion or water is a problem for you North Florida Landscape can apply one of the following techniques:

  1. Drains – Throughout the years North Florida Landscape has handled thousands of drainage problems. Our goal and focus is on a long term solution, not a short term fix. We offer French drains, grate drains, culvert drains, swell line development and re-grading, along with many other options depending on your need and budget.
  2. Hillside - A riprap can be made to cover either the steepest part of a hillside or the whole area, using rocks, stones, or concrete rubble. The rock barrier will act like a small retaining wall and slow water runoff to control erosion. Also available is erosion cloth & jute which can be used very effectively.
  3. Plants – They are a natural protector of soil. Plants diffuse the energy of raindrops so they filter down to the soil surface more gently. Plant roots help to bind soils underground. Our on staff Designers can recommend the correct plants with growth habits that dictate a better value for an erosion control plant. Groundcover plants, creeping shrubs and others will bind the surface tightly and cover it with dense foliage if planted properly and irrigated.
  4. Hydro seeding is a method of sowing seed on a large scale for immediate coverage. This quick-cover reduces the problem of sediment and runoff the first rainy season after completion.
  5. Landscaping Slope — For places like slopes where erosion is more severe — we suggest soil erosion fabric; also known as retaining cloth. Any porous material from burlap to mesh; like that used on highway banks can be used. Before laying cloth in place, we prepare the soil by soaking it well. Remove any unwanted growth, and loosen and smooth the soil. Lay cloth, and stake in place. Use scissors to cut holes for plants; use a trowel to plant.

Moving water from unwanted areas is the primary goal of erosion & drainage problems.